Friday, 20 November 2009

Come See New On-Line Jewellery Shop

Welcome All,

This is my 1st blog, (and hopefully not my last).

I'm here to launch my Costume Jewellery Shop... "Ravenwolf Design Jewellery"

This is one of many hobby crafts I do, along with:-
  • Wedding Stationary,

  • Greeting Cards,

  • Tie Dye Garments.

  • Making Calenders for people/companies
Now blogging isn't one on my strong points, but making and design is, so why not pop along, and take a little look for yourselves.

FREE Postage to the UK, all items come in and organza bag or gift boxed, and at the moment you get a free 2010 calender.

What better incentive ........

Enjoy and hope to get to chat to you all.

Sharon x

1 comment:

  1. Well done on your 1st blog, i did mine a little while ago and still cant get the hang of it lol
    i look forward to following ur blog, and what a piccy too!